Disc Jockey (DJ) & Karaoke Services

Disc Jockey (DJ) Services

How will having a DJ impact my event?
In many cases, the DJ serves as a crowd motivator or event moderator, which keeps everyone informed. This is an interactive profession that is many times undervalued with the technological advances of today. Using professional grade DJ equipment, our DJs work along side the event coordinator or MC (if applicable) to guide guests through the event, making adjustments where needed.   All of our DJs have years of DJ experience, are knowledgeable in event etiquette, and will be dressed appropriately for the event.

*Please note: In order to uphold the integrity of the company and your event, we only play guest appropriate songs and reserve the right to not play inappropriate song requests.  Sharpe Pursuits Inc. DJ's play radio edit music only.

Preview our Disc Jockey services!

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80's Hip Hop DJ Sample

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90's R&B DJ Sample

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Karaoke Services

How do Karaoke Services work?

Song books listing song titles by name and artist are provided to guests to browse through and choose a song.  To keep things organized, guests write their names on a sign up list in order to perform.  Individuals/groups are provided with microphones to perform for the party and the DJ announces their name!  Song lyrics are displayed on strategically placed color monitors located at the front of the stage.

Available Packages:

Cocktail Hour Music and Sound System:

The secret to a great cocktail hour is the light music playing in the background to help your guests relax and enjoy down time between the Ceremony and Reception.  Our cocktail hour sound system service includes:

  • One Speaker w/ wired microphone (covers up to 300 guests)
  • Instrumental Playlist - your choice of classical, traditional jazz, or hip hop jazz
  • Delivery & Set-up (Triad Area)

Event Disc Jockey & Sound System Services:

An event wouldn’t be a reception without a great  DJ.  Our Disc Jockey services combine experienced DJ’s, with decades of music, and a rocking good time.  Our disc jockey and audio package includes:

  • Professional DJ and/or Karaoke services
  • Event MC
  • Personalized song list catered to your needs
  • 1 wireless microphone
  • Sound system w/sub woofer
  • Delivery & Set-up


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